Welcome to Download of the Month !!

Every month I will upload a track for you to play and download for free

The tracks will be a mixture of unheard material, alternative versions, live events and whatever I can find in my archives

I will also listen to requests so if you have a track in mind you want to hear again, please LET ME KNOW!

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DOTM 4 September 2020

‘A Line is a Line’ Live at the QEH Theatre Bristol

To download the track for free just put zero in the payment box or you can make a donation

This was recorded at the QEH Theatre in Bristol in the early 2000s when it was a regular part of my set. Unlike it’s more famous London namesake, QEH stands for Queen Elizabeth Hospital and is a private school in the heart of Bristol, £15K per annum, meals not included. It has a gorgeous little ‘theatre in the round’ which can be hired and don’t ask me who hired it because I can’t remember. I think I was the only one on the bill that night and we had a good crowd in, as you can hear!

This track first saw light of day on my 2006 solo album ‘Light of the Dawn’ which you can listen to here and on my website

DOTM 3 July 2020   Falling Rain

To download the track for free just put zero in the payment box or you can make a donation

I wrote this song around 2010 at the sudden loss of a good friend and it was one of the three bonus tracks on Live at the Pump’ released in 2012. I have remixed and remastered it and hope it honours my friends Ray, Martin and Louise. As far as I can remember I have never or rarely played it live except at Martin’s sendoff at the Eglise Anglicane in Dinard in 2013


DOTM 2 July 2020   500 Acid Tabs

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I wrote this in 2015 at the same time as I was writing all the tracks for ‘Crazy Dancing Days’ but decided not to put it on the album

Video from 2016 – different version of the song

DOTM 1 June 2020 ‘Brighter Day’

Recorded live on the Bob Harris BBC Radio show in 1974

To Download the track please put zero in the payment box, it’s just the way Bandcamp does things, by offering a payment option

Kicking off with the frst DOTM for June 2020 is a real curiosity. I was assembling potential tracks from a variety of sources and wondering which one to go with first when I got a message from Julian Gibbs via my contact form that said:

Hello Keith. I have your single “Brighter Day” but am obliged to admit that I infinitely prefer the version which you recorded for a Radio 1 session in the mid 70s. I’m also obliged to admit that I home taped this but, of course, the tape is more or less unusable after all this time.
Do you happen to know if there’s any way I can get hold of this version?

Well what an amazing coincidence that is as I haven’t played that track for about 20 years and had only added it to the list the week before – I hope you like it as much as you remember, Julian and thank you for the request!

Pete Solly Keyboards, Andy Dalby on Guitar, Adrian Shaw on Bass and Pearse Kelly on Drums