Recording session for Brighter Day, 1974

Peter Sinfield reflected in the glass

DOTM 1 January

Light of the Dawn

Recorded for the album Light of the Dawn in 2006 this was home recorded on a Yamaha MD4S using the old Emagic Logic Gold and fed throught a external Midiman reverb unit. The high compression of the recorder, expanded then re-compressed in Logic created an extraordinary sound

Beginner’s luck!

DOTM 2 February

Poem, Live

Recorded at the Village Pump in 2012 this album was the last of the ‘old’ set before the new songwriting kicked off with ‘Crazy Dancing Days’ in the summer of 2015. There are a few copies of ‘Live at the Pump’ still left for £9.95 so use the contact form if you are interested

This was the Pump back in 1970, L to R, Jerry Lochran, me, Dave Mudge, Aj and Paddy Drinkwater

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